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Great news: Miroslav Zapletal with his brand new H3 EVO7 archieved 3rd place in DESERT CHALLENGE 2014

World Cup continues in Africa

Mirek "Zapi" Zapletal with co-pilot Tomas Ourednicek will participate in OiLibya Rallye Tunisie with new BMW X3 CC

Zapletal - Ourednicek successfully at WorldChampionShip

Miroslav Zapletal with co-driver Tomas Ourednicek at Italian Baja: 4th place overall, 2nd place T1.2 (diesel)

Zapletal with new BMW X3 CC!

Miroslav Zapletal will start with new X-raids BMW X3 CC.

Miroslav "Zapi" Zapletal is back!

More then 1 year after bad accident on DAKAR2010 Mirek Zapletal is back in racing cockpit. Together with Tomas Ourednicek will show up on FIA World Championship 2011.

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9. 5. 2011

Zapletal with Ourednicek on BMW successful on hot saharan sand

Ourednicek, Zabransky, Zapletal

The most successful Czech crew cross-country Rallye Miroslav Zapletal - Tomas Ourednicek reached the 4.th place overall in FIA World Cup



30.th year of Rallye de Tunisie was the first World Championship which took place in the African continent. The crew, which had to prematurely terminate their participation in the previous race in Asian Abu-Dhabi because of an engine failure on their Mitsubishi, changed for BMW X3 race car and could pass the race (almost 1600 kilometres) in hot Saharan Desert .


The achievements were the 4. th place overall, the 3.rd position in T1.2. (diesel) category and 1.st place in Premiere Attendance.


Miroslav Zapletal with his navigator Tomas Ourednicek move them up on the 4.th interim position in World Championship.


The Championship continues in Spain (July), furthermore in Hungary (August) and will be back in Africa again (Egypt – October) and will finish in Portugal (lNovember).




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